Biological Chemistry

The Biological Chemistry Group



Biological chemistry is crucial in human existence, science study, and development. Due to the requirement for developing new drug technology for the treatment of emerging diseases, environmentally friendly agriculture technology, and food safety.

this course has made significant progress over the last few decades. not only in biochemistry. As a result, the curriculum has been carefully structured to ensure that all content is covered to produce multi-talented graduates who can solve problems by combining their knowledge from many fields. Students who complete this course are able to work in areas such as medication development technology, food technology and agriculture, medical technology integration, and so on.

  • Faculty members are expert and knowledgeable in their specializations.
  • Action learning and research
  • Internship and research abroad programs





Study Periods

Bachelor’s Degree

A four years of full-time study (two semesters per year)

  • First semester: August – December
  • Second semester: January – May


Grade and Achievement

  • Students are required to take at least 126 credits to earn a bachelor’s degree
  • The University’s requirements of a minimum GPA for Bachelor’s degrees is 2.00
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Tuition Fee

55,000 THB/Semester



Course Structure
Number of Credits
General education courses
at least 30 credits

Wellness courses
at least 6 credits
Entrepreneurship courses
at least 3 credits
Language and communication courses
at least 13 credits
Thai citizen and global citizen courses
at least 5 credits
Aesthetics courses
at least 3 credits
Specific requirement courses
at least 90 credits

Core courses
at least 24 credits
Compulsory courses
at least 45 credits
Major elective courses
at least 21 credits
Free elective courses
at least 6 credits



  • International and domestic chemist in industrial laboratory
  • International and domestic researcher
  • International and domestic academic in chemistry
  • International and domestic chemist entrepreneur

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